zain 5g bolt

project. zain 5g bolt

client. zain

agency. Beattie + Dane

duration. 65 sec

With the zain ad, we were super excited and psyched to start working on another collaborative project with three major entities ‘Maged Nassar’, ‘good people’ team and of course  ‘Beattie + Dane’. despite the time constraints faced in the project, we were eager to jump on it. We were given 6 scenes to deliver the quirky vision required of the ad.

Our whole team came onboard led by our animation director.


the 2D department took on the skull scene, from designing a character, to choosing the medium of animation for it to appear painted and rough, the lightning scene was next as well as the beard scene, experimenting with a grungy brush and a rough approach we were able to reach our desired result.


The 3D department came in with applying the peephole effect in one of the scenes, as well as creating the melting effect to a box in another, in addition to creating the biscuit baking from scratch. It was a challenge exploring new techniques, simulating the melting box with the paint from the pack. as well as with the biscuit scene, studying the biscuits texture and animation during the baking process.


And of course our compositer taking all these scenes in, working his magic and creating what we end up seeing.