rexona's alphabet of cheering

project. rexona's alphabet of cheering

client. rexona

agency. GoodPeople

duration. 1 min 19 sec

Rexona's Case:

On this unique project, we had the pleasure to work with such a passionate director as Maged Nassar, who, as shown below, mimicked all the needed poses and gestures that the soccer fans would relate to in terms of how they react to every attack, defense and goal


On an event that marked the first of its kind, we didn’t illustrate in-house, but we collaborated with the talented Mohamed Mostafa, aka Picasso, who ranks amongst the top 100 illustrators in the world. From there we took the illustrations and animated and edited them in accordance to the client’s and the director’s pleasure. 


This 3-major forces collaboration wasn’t easy, but the hard work, and sleepless nights have definitely paid off.