redbull - soundclash - 2019

project. redbull - soundclash

client. redbull

agency. peace cake

duration. 48 sec

Redbull Soundclash 2019 Case: 

We beat the time constraints on this project like never before. We managed to bring the project to life all in one week and still managed to execute it exactly like we do with every other project; starting with illustrating the storyboard, to putting our final touches.


We can proudly say that this project is the work of our in-house team as well as the collaboration with highly dedicated postproduction studios for the editing and grading.


DOP: Abdelsalam Moussa

Production: Cats Films

Editor : Ahmed Assem – the cell

Colour grading : Karim Mira – LZRD 

Styled by : Farah el Sayed

Executive producer : Norah el-Khateeb