opel / grandland x

project. opel grandland x

client. mansour / opel

agency. Wunderman Thompson
production. Yellow Duck Films

duration. 42 sec

opel / grandland x

With this campaign, we were briefed to create three copies of the same car model, highlighting a different feature of the vehicle. The VO was a monologue; that was another challenge! so we came up with this vision of a man fantasizing and daydreaming of the car and expressing his excitement of certain features. The VO also had an undertone of humor to it, which was fun to work with.

The challenge picking shots that didn’t look stiff but instead highlighted the VO. at the same time, creating a clear distinction between each copy, even though it was the same car in the same environment with the same voice actor.

We gave the ad a feeling of ultra modernness, with a minimal environment of a garage that looked clean and futuristic rather than abandoned, by playing with lights and color to give the ad a super polished look.