mix character development

project. mix character development

client. juhayna

agency. zanad

duration. 10 sec

MiX Case:

Emerging from an “X”-shaped blob, MiX came to life in his new hero skin of a teenaged boy and a form of energy that was combined by lightening and thunder. As kids nowadays relate and fantasize about superheroes; the “Right Mix” started with just a thought of creating a sidekick to influence the real heroes who use it; kids and teenagers.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 1.05.39 PM.png

Multitasking level 999, zanad sketched, illustrated, and 3D modeled Mix while brainstorming and setting all three pillars needed to create any character; psychology, physiology, and sociology of the character. While looking at MIX figure, one can easily see that he’s the perfect mix of adolescents. Our only guidelines were the brand values and identity; and our goal was to meet and enrich them.


After creating the updated MiX with his heroic poses, characteristics and features, We then created the backstory for MiX, bearing in mind that he should be the sidekick with superpowers not a hero, a good influence to those who use it, and also allowed to have fun in his very own way.

MIX Characterization (dragged).jpg

One of the challenges we faced was to deliver the new, enhanced MiX in a timely manner to launch his face on the new packs and having the loyal consumers who were used to blob to actually welcome the Right MIX in their lives, along with all the fun and great influence he brings with him.