Mirinda - I’m a Nice Guy

project. good mirinda and bad mirinda

client. mirinda

agency. goodpeople and gp&k network

duration. 30 sec

mirinda Case:

This ad was another one of the experimental type ads directed by "Maged Nassar", a collaboration we are always excited to be part of! He was able to work closely with our team trying different things out to reach his desired vision. In addition to “fake Prop Shop” who were able to produce such beautiful illustrated frames for us to build off of.


We were asked to come in to give this ad a bit of depth. By adding various elements and giving life to an image by animating certain elements in the scene .Playing on the mixed media approach the director was going for.


The entire team came on board adding various 3d and 2d elements to the scene giving them life. And subtly animating the existing scene to reach the desired effect.