jarir spiderman

project. jarir spiderman

client. jarir

production house. big foot

duration. 31 sec

jarir spiderman Case:

Along with the agency, Jarir grasped the idea of how effective superheroes are in the children’s lives, hence incorporated superheroes prints on their new backpacks, the one thing that was left to do is to deliver the message across the Saudi culture to all the kids to be the heroes themselves, in which case our role came to action.

During this project, we were challenged to have the kid interact on set with an absent CGI character of one of the most prominent superheroes, Spiderman; which the kid was supposed to interact with through the mirror like the French mime actors. As we aced this challenge, we also aced developing Spiderman as he should be and implementing the idea in a story-like flow.

Our collaboration with Bigfoot came in handy, in creating and filming in an environment very close to the Saudi culture and homes. It was important to assure that even though we were filming the ad in Egypt, the Saudi audience would feel that it was filmed no where other than a typical Saudi home and atmosphere.

As we usually plan and develop a shooting board beforehand, how audience relate to the ad and react to it’s message, helps us in measuring the success of our implementation to the idea and storyboard.