incredible dango

project. incredible dango

client. danone

agency. JWT

duration. 40 sec

Incredible Dango Case:

Danone worldwide has its character, Danino, a dinosaur that presents its yogurt drink; however the dinosaur wasn’t appealing to the Egyptian market. Hence, the French studio 4 years ago created Dango, looking like an alien/monkey. To avoid all the confusion of the different perceptions people had on the characters features, Zanad created the new and improved Dango, a blue monkey. The defects that was present in its anatomy required from us extra effort to first adjust the anatomy in order to animate it smoothly.


Having the enough support needed from the client, we were able to change what needed to be changed, spice up what wasn’t interesting enough, and update what was long outdated to develop the old Dango unto Incredible Dango. Sometimes it just helps to see the before and after pictures and let them speak for themselves.


As every project has its own challenges, this time the challenge was one of a kind. Having kids on set as talents is one thing, but having them interacting with a virtual character is a whole other story. With Zanad’s expertise in animation and directing, we managed to produce a smooth as well as natural interaction between the kids, who are no older than 12 yo, and a CG character that wasn’t even there; not to mention the efforts of the little stars in implementing all the directions.

Our talents were told where to look, how far should they stretch their arms, widen their smiles, and direct their posture, just in the same way Incredible Dango equally swaps-laps with the kids in explaining  “wasfet cocktail el nomow el gedid.”

Worth-to-mention that our work in developing Dango isn’t done yet, as we’re constantly working towards more improvements to raise the bar of character development.