el-gouna film festival

project. el-gouna film festival 2020

client. GFF

agency. Wunderman Thompson
duration. 26 sec

the posters

With the Gouna Film Festival project, we were awarded the chance to collaborate with  Wunderman Thompson to handle their new branding,
From the new logo reveal to the moving posters, visuals for the performances, and actual award presentations, create all the film festival animation.

winner announcements

When we heard the word Gouna, we thought of the tides and sea waves, the perfect all-year getaway. We worked on reflecting that in our package through the arches’ motion and how shapes intersected, mimicking the sun and the moon. Waves are simulated in the breaks and transition, creating a flow weaved with an inspiration of film noir shadows casting in every frame.

the reda troupe song

With the Reda troupe song, we’ve created illustrations and interesting kaleidoscopic compositions that reflect the modern take of a pure Egyptian song being played—but still trying to stay true to our colors and film festival identity.


the loops

Although various teasers and animated backgrounds were looping smoothly in the main venue,
so basically, we made cinematically-hip idents.