project. DuUber

client. Du and Uber Dubai

agency. Leo Burnett

duration. 59 sec

DuUber Case:

When two large corporates collaborate, we have to make sure that the copy meets their encounter. Du, Dubai’s telecom company, and Uber Dubai collaborated in a promotion that would make Dubai’s residents’ lives much easier. 


Our aim was to incorporate both of their services among the hall of fame of the other things that make our lives easier, such as the backscratcher, the internet, the lamp, etc… yet we still take them all for granted. Other than beating working in different time zones, our challenge was to keep the copy visually stimulating throughout all the different services that people take for granted, until introducing the new promotion Du-Uber has to offer as the star of the copy. We had the foreign arthouse movies as our reference, especially the avant titter style of Almodóvar, the Spanish filmmaker. We took advantage of publishing the copy on our website and decided to work on the sound and VO, the way that matches our initial vision for our copy on the website. 


One can only imagine how this promotion made life easier for a lot of people staying and/or visiting Dubai.