project. danup

client. danone

agency. zanad

duration. 24 sec

Danup Case:

Danone startled the Egyptian streets with the banners that was spread all over Egypt anonymously stating “#ElSeya3a_etghayaret” ”#الصياعةــ اتغيرت“. People later came to know that this hashtag is the slogan for Danone’s new yogurt drink; Danup. Unfortunately people misinterpreted the real idea behind “badass” definition, and they started criticizing Danone and how they promote the badass behavior/attitude. 

With this perception being exactly the marketers’ point: people need to change how they perceive being badass, as of now it has a new positive meaning. We played the advocate role through creating distinctive 3D graphics and diverse acquired inserts of people doing a variety of activities which elderly people consider as wrongdoing. Having only the bottles as a given, we negotiated and convinced artists of all kinds to have their work projected on the bottles during the ad. We portrayed that graffiti is an art and not just a way of rebelling, that computer and robotics are for more than just games, and that loud music speaks for itself. 

Launching a new product while defending it was certainly a challenge. We pleasantly embraced this one as it speaks for its generation; the generation that was always considered naughty, rebellious, and badass. The challenge was to send a message being successful is badass.