danette hazelnut

project. Danette hazelnut

client. danone

agency. zanad

duration. 28 sec

Danette Hazelnut Case:

As Danette added a new flavor to its colorful range, it was only expected that the new flavor will be introduced with a vibrant color to complement the range. This provided us with a great lead in the reveal of the new chocolate hazelnut drink and pudding. We know it had to be an exuberant set to include all the vigorous range.


We developed a labyrinth like set where each flavor bounces smoothly entering and exiting the different rooms of the labyrinth. The hazelnuts then starts falling like shooting stars making the new flavor’s grand entrance with a statement. The challenge, that was much like a fun jigsaw puzzle to us, was to incorporate 4 beauty shots that the client provided us with acquired from 3 different countries: Argentina, France and Italy, without losing the smooth interaction between the flavors and the set.

Like we always do, we took the challenge and transformed it into an opportunity to organize the flow of the copy respectively. Due to slightly different perspectives between us and the client the copy that was aired is the clients copy, and this one differed in the VO artist, script, and music composition. Those differences weren’t at all major; however, we meticulously played with the words in our script as “bndo’” that’s said in the selling line and “hazelnut” in Egyptian Arabic are spelled the same.