beyti promo

project. beyti juice promo

client. tropicana

agency. Wunderman Thompson

duration. 24 sec

beyti Case:

We are back with some character centered animation. The client wanted an family centered ad that is sarcastic in humor and style. Referencing shows like “Family guy”, “the jellies” while keeping the background real, like in the show “the amazing gumball”.


The entire team came on board , with our 3d team developing the environments while the 2d team and creative director started developing the characters that looked quirky and Egyptian.


After reaching a style that fit the clients brief. The process of rigging the characters in after effects began. from rigging the body to rigging the face, exploring with this project new plugins and tools that helped us reach very expressive characters in an efficient way.


Finally the edit stage was putting everything together, which was a challenge but we pulled through with a cohesive quirky ad in the end.